Lchang Nang Retreat
Lchang Nang Retreat is a delightful family owned eco resort with 17 traditional cottages set within a 25-acre orchard of apricot, elm and apple trees. Each cottage is built in the traditional way using mud brick, stone and hand-hewn poplar wood. Located in the Nubra Valley the resort is immersed in Ladakh’s unique scenery with the majestic Himalayan backdrop completing the breathtaking vista. Lchang Nang’s electrical power is derived wholly from the sunlight they harvest in their solar panels, water is solar heated, their organic gardens and orchard are irrigated by glacial meltwater which also supplies the resort’s drinking water needs (UV treated) and the traditional solar passive construction of the resort all contribute to keeping the resort’s impact on the environment to a minimum. Lchang Nang is the perfect travel-guilt-free base for exploring Ladakh, one of Asia’s most untouched and fascinating regions.
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