Jing’s Residence
Located on ancient streets that have long been lined with curio shops and bustling restaurants in the medieval walled city of Pingyao is the 14-room and suites boutique hotel, Jing's Residence. A heritage property almost 300years old, it was once a merchant’s courtyard home and is now a beautiful heritage boutique hotel. The meticulous renovation of the property has ensured that the hotel fits harmoniously with the surroundings of this ancient city. Pingyao, which has some 4,000 extant Ming-and Qing-era courtyard structures an unparalleled number in China, was added to the list of unique World Heritage sites by the UNESCO in 1997. Excellent service, fantastic location and an unrivalled sense of place, Jing's Residence is a MUST STAY boutique hotel for any visitors planning to discover China.
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