Arumdalu Private Resort
Arumdalu Private Resort & Spa is a luxurious eco-friendly resort located on beautiful Belitung Island in Indonesia. The resort is perfectly located within a private beachfront forest and looks out onto its own private sandy beach that runs for 800m across the front of the property. The location ensures breathtaking sunrise views from Arumdalu's private beach, with the dark granite stones that line the shore and water adding a dramatic touch to the natural beauty of the beach. Arumdalu offers a unique experience that is both sophisticated and rooted in local tradition. The resort is built with a deep respect for the environment, with foraging and organic farming providing the inspiration for the culinary offerings that are a fusion of Indonesian, Chinese, Western, and Japanese cuisine. Arumdalu also works closely with the local community to create a sustainable and harmonious relationship that benefits everyone. The 10 pool villas are perfect for solo travellers, couples and small families (2 adults and 1 child). Each pool villa has been built in a contemporary Indoneisan style and positioned to ensure privacy and serenity for each guest. Arumdalu Private Resort & Spa is designed to provide every comfort and attention to detail to ensure that guests have an unforgettable experience. It's a place where luxury meets sustainability, and modernity meets local tradition.
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